FURSYS Group is a comprehensive furniture manufacturing and distribution company

FURSYS Group is a comprehensive furniture manufacturing and distribution company that manufactures quality products. The company’s name is derived from the French for “furniture” and it has a few specialized lines of furniture for the education sector, office and home. It has a slew of furniture for sale including office chairs, conference tables, computer tables and executive chairs.

As it turns out, FURSYS has a lot of things to boast about in terms of product design and technology. In fact, the Fursys group has been around since March 1983 and has a wealth of experience in designing and delivering the best in class office furniture solutions. Its product innovation has been rewarded by several awards and accolades.

The FURSYS Group has an extensive line of office and educational furniture, from the enAble series to the eminently utilitarian Ringo S500ACV ergonomic kids chair. While most of its business is in Asia, it also exports to South America and the Middle East. With offices in Hong Kong, China and the Philippines, Fursys has a lot to offer and the company has a clear focus on improving customer satisfaction.

To be sure, the Fursys group is not alone in the furniture making business. But the company has a unique edge when it comes to innovation, not just in the furniture making arena, but in the delivery and distribution side as well. For instance, the company has introduced a new foreign goods service (FGS) to provide a turnkey solution to its overseas customers. This 퍼시스.com includes consulting, production, and after sales services. Aside from its own line of products, Fursys has supported the expansion of its biggest names in the industry. From its flagship brand to its lesser known subsidiaries, the Fursys family of companies has an unrivaled ability to deliver a top notch office solution in any market.

Lastly, the Fursys Group has one of the largest and most technologically advanced design and manufacturing facilities in the industry. The company is in the midst of building out its global presence in the furniture making space. Indeed, the company will be selling its products on global e-commerce platforms soon, and the company has been doing its homework to ensure it is ready.

One of the Fursys’ strengths is its ability to offer an array of furniture options for any budget. Its high-tech designs and innovative technologies have spawned a new generation of stylish, functional and efficient office and living room products. These include multi-function desks and chairs, high-tech desks and swivel chairs, and other functional furniture. Likewise, the company has developed its own patented office and home furniture solutions, including the eminently utilitarian ilroom and its specialized sibling.