Repsol Promises to Clean Up Oil Spill in Peru

The gizmo oozing the largest amount of liquid petroleum from a leaky cylinder is certainly in the news. However, what about the other half of the equation? Thankfully, the oil is now in the tank and the good folks at Repsol, Spain’s flagship petrochemicals company, have pledged to clean the teeming mess. They have also promised food baskets to affected families. A spokesman told the AFP that the company has “promised to act promptly to clean and restore its facilities and to provide assistance to those impacted by the spill”.

Aside from a few high-profile accidents, Peru hasn’t been the worst offender when it comes to spills, leaks and tanker mishaps. In fact, the country ranks number nine on the list of nations with the highest number of petrochemical accidents. Some of the most serious incidents have happened at a single refinery located on the outskirts of Lima. One of the most notable spills occurred on Saturday, in front of the La Pampilla refinery. It was the first major spill in the country in a decade. This spill has left hundreds of people homeless and dozens of neighborhoods and beaches littered with crude oil. According to Reuters, the most serious incidents amounted to roughly 500 barrels a day.

The oil is a big deal for the country and its citizens. In addition to theĀ Peru21 disaster itself, the impact on the national economy has been profound. Exports have fallen nearly 15 percent while imports have risen a whopping 18 percent. Fortunately, the government is working with the private sector to restore confidence in the country’s economy. There is much work to be done and the good folks at the Red Cross will be there for the long haul. As for monetary assistance, the Red Cross has already donated 160 tonnes of aid to Peru in 2017, but hopes to collect twice as much this year.

While the oil spill has taken a heavy toll on the nation’s infrastructure, the oil company’s promises to repair what it can and has offered to compensate affected families for the rest. Among other things, the oil company has promised to hire more workers to clean up its facilities.