Common Plumbing Problems and When to Call an Emergency Plumber

When plumbing problems arise, it is important to know what to do and who to call to help. While some problems can wait for the next day, there are some that cannot wait until normal business hours and require immediate assistance from an emergency plumber.

The most common plumbing emergencies are leaks, burst pipes, clogged drains, and flooding. These issues are costly and need immediate repairs.


Water leaks are one of the most common Mr. Mike’s emergency plumbing in Calgary issues and are often ignored until they’re too late. They are dangerous and can cause extensive damage to the property, including mold, mildew, and even foundation deterioration.

You may be able to prevent a leak with a simple shut off valve, but it’s always a good idea to contact an emergency plumber for assistance when you can’t do so. This will allow you to get the water flowing again, and will also reduce the amount of damage that is done.

A burst pipe is another common emergency, and it can be particularly damaging when it’s freezing cold outside. It can leave a mess, especially in bathrooms, and it could lead to water damage or sewage backups.

If you notice that your water pressure is dwindling, it’s an obvious sign that a pipe is leaking. It’s best to act immediately and call an emergency plumber, who will be able to repair the leak quickly.

Clogged Drains:

A clogged drain can be very frustrating and annoying. It can be caused by items such as hair, paper towels, soap scum, and wipes. This is why it’s important to clean your pipes regularly and remove hair from the drain as soon as possible.

Discolored Water:

If your water has a yellow or brown hue, it could be a symptom of a broken pipe or other problem that needs to be fixed. This can make drinking and cooking more difficult, as the coloration will affect the way that foods cook.

The best way to determine if your water has become discolored is to test it in different areas of the home and see how long it takes for it to return to its normal color. If it’s taken a long time to return to its normal color, it is probably time for an emergency plumber.


If you have a large area of the home that’s flooded, it’s important to shut off the water right away. This will keep the water from getting too far into the house and can save you money in the long run.

Ceiling Stains:

If your home’s ceilings begin to stain or sag, this could be a sign that there is water leak somewhere. Usually, this happens as a result of the water running down a pipe, and it can be dangerous if not repaired early on.

A backed up garbage disposal can be one of the most unsanitary conditions that you can have in your home, and it’s a common cause of emergency plumbing services. It can also be a sign of a more serious issue, such as an overflowing toilet.