The Truth About Milwaukee Marketing

The latest entrant to the Wisconsin radio landscape, Good Karma Brands, has upped the ante in the marketing department with the announcement of a new Director of Marketing. As a seasoned broadcasting veteran with an impressive pedigree, Williams is well suited to the task. His background includes a stint as lead promotions associate at WCFS, the station that spawned the aforementioned booze hound. GKB Milwaukee is no stranger to the advertising and sales fraternity and he’s been known to get down and dirty on the microphone. Taking on a slew of larger than life personalities in a well managed, if somewhat dysfunctional, environment should be no problem for a veteran in the know. Aside from the usual suspects, he’s not afraid to make the odd acquaintance if he feels like it. Of course, this is all in the name of business. After all, his bosses are no slouches.

There is no question that the Good Karma brand is the king of the Milwaukee radio hill and a big part of its success is down to the team’s nifty little marketing department.

Good Karma Brands – Milwaukee has a storied past and a storied present. It’s not hard to see why. The company has a plethora of local media outlets ranging from 620 WTMJ to 94.5 ESPN and 101.7 The Truth. As such, theĀ The Truth About Milwaukee marketing company has a hefty marketing budget to play with. Having a solid grasp of what the locals are up to is the linchpin to success. This, coupled with the fact that the city is a booming hub for tech startups and old timers alike, the city is a hotspot for innovation and creativity. Hence, a well rounded marketing strategy. With the right ingredients, you’re sure to score big. Among the companies that come to mind are Northwestern Mutual, Johnson Controls, Manpower and the City of Milwaukee itself. To top it off, the City of Milwaukee is home to a slew of reputable universities. Educated, professional and engaged citizens, the city is a great place to work, live and play.

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