The Benefits of Local Movers

When you are preparing for a move, one of the most important decisions to make is what type of local movers will best suit your needs. Whether you choose to rent a portable moving container, hire full-service movers or use your own rental truck for your local move, a good local mover can help minimize unexpected costs and provide peace of mind throughout the entire process.

A traditional local move works like this: a full-service local moving company will come to your home and load all of your stuff into their truck, transport it to your new home, and then unload it. This type of local move is ideal if you want to save time, don’t need storage or flexibility with your move date, and are comfortable with someone else taking control of the move.

While it’s tempting to get moving estimates over the phone or via email, a trusted local mover will send a representative to your home for an in-home survey of your household items and complete an inventory before giving you a precise cost estimate. The exact amount you will pay is based on your distance, size of your home, add-on services (such as packing and storage), and more.

Unlike long-distance movers, local movers tend to charge by the hour. This means that the more work you have, the higher the moving quote will be. This is why it’s crucial to hire a local mover that understands your specific needs and can give you a customized moving plan tailored to fit your budget and timeline.

The right local movers can also help you save money by providing additional services, such as cleaning and trash removal services, custom crating for specialty items, electronics packing and installation, and storage solutions. Depending on where you are moving to or from, you might even be able to save on local utility deposits or connection fees.

Local movers can also assist with a variety of special situations, such as seniors who need extra assistance with packing before their move and navigating tight spaces and stairs. Additionally, they can offer unpacking and organizing services so you can start off your new house with a clean slate.

Having a good local mover can also be helpful for those who live in challenging areas, such as NYC. Driving around the city with a large moving truck requires skills and practice that only an experienced team can master. Likewise, finding parking in a busy urban environment can be tricky, especially when you are moving heavy boxes and furniture. An experienced local mover can help you navigate these challenges with ease so you can focus on the other tasks at hand.