Rocky Mountaineer Train Experience

The rocky mountaineer train offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Rugged alpine terrain, wildlife and majestic waterfalls all come together — paired with comfy carriages and chef-prepared meals. And all along the way, guests can take a load off and just relax.

The train offers three routes, each with an overnight stop in a comfortable hotel in the middle. Guests can also choose to add excursions to their trip. Rocky Mountaineer hosts know the best places to go and what sights to point out, which means you’ll get to experience the region in a unique way that few others can.

It’s easy to fall into the rhythm of the journey, soaking up every moment through your window as you travel alongside rushing rivers and plunging gorges. The pristine lakes that you pass through seem otherworldly, and waterfalls cascade down mountainside cliffs and across valley floors like magic. And if you’re lucky, you might spot some of the moose and other animals that are so at home in this untouched wilderness that they often wander within sight of the train.

You can do just about anything on the Rocky Mountaineer — read, nap, play games with your fellow passengers or chat with the staff who are always ready to recommend can’t-miss activities and work with excursion brands to round out your trip. As someone who’s typically on the move, I found myself surprisingly surprised by how quickly 12 hours on the train went by each day.

Rocky Mountaineer has earned a number of awards and accolades over the years, including the coveted title “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” at the 2005 World Travel Awards. In the same year, National Geographic named it one of the World’s Greatest Trips, and the company was awarded a Foresight Sustainability Award by Tourism British Columbia for its commitment to responsible tourism.

The rocky mountaineer train has even expanded to the United States with its new Rockies to Red Rocks route. This two-day adventure leaves from Denver and travels to Glenwood Springs, then crosses into Utah, ending in Moab. All the luxury that Rocky Mountaineer is known for in Canada can be experienced on this new route, which is a great way to explore the American Rockies.

When you step aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, you’re instantly impressed by how spacious and luxurious each cabin is. The windows stretch all the way to the ceiling and offer incredible views of the stunning landscape that you’re about to traverse. The reclining seats are extremely comfortable, and when you upgrade to GoldLeaf Service, you’ll find that they have an extra level of luxury: a glass dome that offers an unrivalled perspective of the mountain peaks around you.

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