How to Properly Prepare Your Piano for Moving and Storage

When it comes to moving and storing a piano, proper care is essential to maintaining the condition of the instrument. These large, heavy instruments are surprisingly fragile, leading to a heightened risk of costly damage during transit and storage. By following the recommendations in this article, you can rest assured that your prized possession will arrive at its new home safe and sound.

First and foremost, when preparing your piano for moving and storage, you will want to thoroughly clean the instrument prior to transporting. Then, you will wrap it in layers of blankets, using a layer of plastic film to protect the surface from dust and fingerprints. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, your local piano moving specialists will be happy to walk you through the steps.

In addition to protecting your instrument from potential damage, a good quality blanket will help keep it cool and dry while in storage. This will ensure that the wood stays in good shape, avoiding warping and other negative effects of temperature changes. In addition, you should also make sure to remove any accessories like the legs and pedals before wrapping the piano in blankets.

The most important step in preparing your piano for moving and storage is to find a secure, climate controlled facility. This will protect your piano from extremes in temperature and humidity that can cause damage to the delicate components of the instrument. If you cannot find a climate controlled storage facility, you should try to store your piano in a room that is air conditioned and as close to the same temperature as your house.

Another important consideration when preparing your piano for storage is to keep it properly tuned. If left unattended, a piano can quickly go flat or sharp, resulting in expensive repairs. To avoid this, you should hire a professional piano tuner to service your piano before and after moving it into storage.

When deciding which company to hire for your piano piano storage in fort lauderdale move, you will need to consider several factors, including price, experience, and available services. For example, American Van Lines came out on top for their specially trained personnel and expertise with pianos and antiques, while JK Moving Services provides excellent short- and long-term storage solutions. Additionally, Mayflower offers competitive pricing and full value protection plans while Wheaton World Wide Moving offers secure, climate-controlled storage facilities.

While a garage or an unfinished basement might be fine for a few days during mild weather, a piano should never be stored there for an extended period of time. Extreme temperatures and humidity can cause serious damage to the wooden surfaces, causing warping and weakening the hundreds of glue joints within the instrument. For this reason, you should always seek out professional piano movers that offer both moving and secure, climate controlled storage solutions. This way, you can be sure that your prized instrument will be safe and ready for when you need it again.