Find a Garden Studio Near Me

Garden office pods are a stylish and flexible solution for working from home. They can be used as a workspace, a home gym, a workshop, or a retreat. They can be designed to meet your exact specifications and can be built from a wide range of materials, including wood, steel, and glass. The best thing about this type of garden room is that it can be customised to suit your needs and is easy to install. If you are interested in adding a garden studio near me, you can find one for sale online from various sellers.

This prefabricated garden hideaway was erected in just 21 days. Clad in black corrugated fibreglass, the structure is anchored to the ground by deep screw pile foundations, which helped reduce the need for concrete strip foundations and lowered the overall cost of the project. The stepped form of the building, which houses a small office and utility space, echoes the undulating ridgeline of the main house, creating a dialogue between the two volumes.

Architect Bulent Baydar, from Harrison Design, devised this garden studio for his client, who wanted a writing space that could double as a music room. The bespoke design features dual entry doors, engineered wood cladding, and an Anthracite Grey uPVC finish from Vita Modular. The acoustic insulation ensures that the space is well-soundproofed and also helps to reduce heat loss.

For this London garden, the architects conceived an asymmetrical volume to serve as a studio and guest room for the homeowners’ young family. Located next to their terraced house, the shingled structure offers a quiet spot for work and relaxation away from their toddler-filled house. The asymmetrical shape of the garden room allows for an abundance of natural light and a view to the rear yard, where plants and greenery provide a soothing backdrop.

The architects of this London backyard office opted for a minimal aesthetic that blends seamlessly into the landscape. The glazed walls and a sliding door maximize light and privacy, while maintaining views to the pool and greenery beyond. The design also includes a built-in seating area, which provides a sheltered place to read or relax.

Creative couple Michael and Christina Hara designed their 195-square-foot retreat to accommodate both work and play. The shingled Fish Scale Studio includes a library, a reading nook, and a workspace that is separate from the rest of their chaotic, kid-filled house.

This shingled garden office by ByOthers is situated at the end of a narrow garden path and offers a tranquil escape from the busy household. The curved shape and rust-colored corten cladding make the building look more like a piece of art than an office, while the planters at the base of the stepped side elevation create a beautiful contrast with the surrounding foliage.