Enjoy the Denver to Salt Lake City Train

The denver to salt lake city train is a wonderful way to see one of the most beautiful landscapes in the United States. With a journey time of just over 50 hours, this trip takes travelers on a grand tour of the Rockies, the Sierra Nevadas, and Utah’s majestic deserts. It’s a journey that’s sure to be memorable for all the right reasons, and it’s one that you can easily enjoy with a bus, train or plane ticket.

Start in Denver with a bus or train from Union Station, the main transport hub of the city. Originally built in 1881, Union Station houses some of the city’s best shops and restaurants, as well as a seasonal farmers market. It’s also home to the major intercity buses from Greyhound, Burlington Trailways and Jefferson Lines.

When you’re boarding, be sure to check the video information screens that display the departing gate and track number. You’ll be able to find out about any special restrictions, such as senior citizen discounts and reserved seating for sleeping accommodations, before boarding the train.

During the travel, be sure to check out the sights on your route and make the most of your experience. There are many great stops to explore, including the iconic Rocky Mountains and the awe-inspiring views of Salt Lake City’s Temple Square.

Take in the spectacular views of Rocky Mountain National Park, a must-see destination for nature lovers visiting the state of Colorado. You can climb to the top of Trail Ridge Road, go wildlife spotting, or relax in the meadows of this stunning place.

Visit the awe-inspiring Red Rocks of Moab, Utah on this 4-day trip from Denver with Rocky Mountaineer. You’ll travel through extraordinary landscapes – vast canyons, natural archways and enchanting hoodoos – and enjoy overnight stays in Salt Lake City, Glenwood Springs and Denver.

The train journey is made even better by the fact that it emits up to 30 times less CO2 than flying or driving, which means that you’re doing your part to protect these landscapes. Whether you’re on this trip for business or pleasure, a train journey is the perfect way to experience one of the Rocky Train Vacations most scenic and popular destinations in the country.

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When you’re planning your trip from Denver to Salt Lake City, consider booking an early-bird bus or train deal for a more affordable trip. Buying in advance can save you money and ensure that you’ll have a seat on the bus or train. Moreover, traveling on a bus or train will allow you to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable ride as you take in the beautiful scenery of the United States.